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Joining our community means you get quick and easy access to the answers you need, from people who understand what you’re doing. It also means finding the right people to work with and getting access to skill-sharing workshops, events and special projects, along with advice on the next steps for your business.

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Break out of your isolated coffeeshop routine and start making connections at our lively co-working space. Meet other start-ups, freelancers and digital nomads, talk about your challenges, and help find solutions to real-world problems together. Drop in anytime—it’s free as long as you're up for working with others in the community.  

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4361 St-Denis Street Montreal, Quebec. H2J 2L2

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Check out our special meet-ups and events for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

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Learn more about a few of our community members who are working to change the world in their own way!

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Business registration, business plans, invoicing and estimates, oh my. If your head is spinning, check out La Trousse de l’entrepreneur, your all-in-one guide to starting your own business in Quebec.

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